Love poems are a romantic way to say "I Love You" to that special someone. Find the perfect poem in our collection of classic love poetry.
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Text The RomanceTop Love Poems is a guide to help you find the perfect love poem to express your feelings to your sweetheart. Top Love Poems is unique as we provide interpretations of our classic love poems to help you choose between them. We provide links to biographies on each author (when known) for your enjoyment as well. Browse the headers to your left to view our poems online at your leisure.

In order to help you with your expressions of love, if you browse the buttons above, you'll see a section called how to share love poems. Here you will find a list of creative ways you can use love poetry to express your innermost feelings and desires. You can incorporate poetry into your love letters and often, reading verse can help inspire you to create your poems.

Love's KissAll of the poetry on Top Love Poems is classic literature by acclaimed poets. Some of it you will recognize or realize that snippets from certain poems have been used in greetings cards and the like for years and years.

As love transcends all ages and is a potent connection from generation to generation, I am confident you will find the perfect poem here to express your love for your sweetheart.

Best wishes to you in your love adventures,


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