Love poems are a romantic way to say "I Love You" to that special someone. Find the perfect poem in our collection of classic love poetry.
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Text The RomanceThe purpose of this page is to help you navigate through our site and find the right poem for your special occasion.

To your left, you can see all of the love poems we have listed on this site. To view any poem, click on a white link to open up that category and view all of the poems. To see each poem, simply click on the title of that poem.

On the Poem Pages: At the top of the page is a sentence or two to try to capture the essence of what the poem is about. This is my opinion and is open (of course) to other interpretations. But through my comments, I try to establish a starting ground on what situation it could fit with.

Next, comes the poem itself. You can browse the whole site this way, page by page, at your leisure.

Following the poem is a series of links - one a link to Wikipedia if you are interested to learn more about the author of that poem and second, a form you can fill out if you wish to send that poem plus a personal message to your loved one.

Thanks for your interest in our site! We look forward to serving you in the name of love!



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