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Text The RomanceIt is my pleasure to help enhance your creativity for sharing love poetry with a sweetheart. There are many ways to create a "spark" with a poem, and I would like to share with you the basic tenets of how to add some romance to your relatioship through their usage. It's not hard if you know how and are sincere in your efforts.

First, it is important to realize that there are really only 3 basic guidelines to keep in mind while deciding how you would like to share poetry with your loved one. There is:

  • The Right Time

  • The Right Place

  • The Right Poem

The Right Time - refers to planning ahead so that when the moment is available to you, you can be romantic and share your poem. Note that this does not necessarily mean pre-planning the exact time. For example, if you memorize a poem, or even a small part of a poem, you will have it at your disposal at all times. This allows you to be more spontaneous and less nervous too.

The Right Place - Some settings are simply more conducive to romance. A fireplace, candlelight, a walk on the beach at night. The unexpected can work well too - breakfast in bed with a poem & flowers. A little note tucked into a jacket pocket.

The Right Poem - The right poem is a poem that touches your own heart. It can put into words what you feel but have been unable to express. Or, one that shares your feelings in an new or elegant form. The Right Poem for an occasion can also be coordinated with The Right Time & The Right Place. (For example, sending red roses along with the poem A Red, Red Rose on June 1st.)

Keeping the above in mind, here are some more ideas to get you started:

  • Find a poem that suits you and print it out. Hand sign it, date it, especially if it's a special occasion, and add a short personal message. You can then place the poem in a lovely frame, making a wonderful keepsake.

  • Take a decorative bottle, or a wine bottle will do nicely, and remember to save the cork. Wash the bottle well and let it dry thoroughly. Print out a poem from this site, as above, and roll the poem up like a scroll. You can use an old-fashioned looking kind of paper for this, or a paper with torn edges, to add to the effect. Make sure the poem is rolled small enough to easily fit through the wine bottle hole, then tie a small piece of string or ribbon around the paper. Slip the poem into the bottle, cork it back up, and plan the rest of your evening around the discovery of the "message from the sea!" Some spots could be the bathtub, a swimming pool, at the lake ... you get the idea ...

  • Do you have alphabet fridge magnets? Using a small excerpt from one of the poems, use the letters to spell out your message when your loved one will be able to see it. If you have a lot of letters, I suppose you could go for the whole poem ... :)

  • Perhaps this one is obvious, but a message of love to your sweetheart in the middle of a regular day just brings so much happiness to it. Find a way to tuck a poem away where your love will find it during working hours, or when you typically aren't together. Lunch bags or briefcases work well for this idea. Sign it and add a personal message, or handwrite the whole love poem.

  • Start a "love book." Choose a journal or a small scrapbook, something pretty, or leather bound, with gilded edges. On the first page, dedicate the book to your beloved. Date it and sign it with a personal message from yourself. Then choose a poem or part of a poem to start the book off with. You can write it in your handwriting, or print something off, it doesn't matter what. But the idea of this "love book" is to continually add to it over time. You can add a poem or other message on special occasions, such as birthdays or your wedding day, on birth of your children ... you get the idea. Over time, if you are dedicated to this idea, you will build a wonderful testament to your love and lives together. This is a gift that truly returns your effort continually over time, as your loved one will cherish it for a lifetime together.

I hope these ideas get you inspired. If you have any other suggestions you would like to share, please use my contact form and send them along.



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